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Is your foundation settling, or do you have bowed or cracked walls?

We are Kansas City Area's best Mudjacking and Foundation Specialists!

Custom Concrete and Foundation Specialists, Inc. is a solid solution to all your Coaljacking/Mudjacking and Foundation Repair needs. 

We solve concrete sinking, cracking and water problems in foundations, basements, garage floors, porches/stoops, driveways, walkways, pool decks and more.

Custom Concrete and Foundation Specialists is a full foundation contractor and repair service. We have been serving the Kansas City Metro area with over 45 years of experience. We have installed over 10,000 piers and tiebacks and specialize in lifting the structure to its level of integrity.


• Steel Piers   • Steel Beams
• Tiebacks   • Bowing Walls
• Waterproofing   • Retaining Walls
• Mud jacking   • Concrete Replacement
• Crack Repair   • Chimney Realignment
• Sump Pumps   • Grading
• Drainage Systems   • Level Houses/Floors
• New Construction   • Carbon Fiber