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Cleaning Tips for Decorative Concrete

Once you have your beautiful decorative concrete floor installed, you will be able to enjoy many, many years of use. It’s a durable, sturdy surface that can also be a beautiful addition to your home. However, just like any other surface it will eventually need cleaned. In fact, you should clean it just as often as you would clean other floors in your home. It doesn’t specifically need any special treatment, but we do have some cleaning tips for your decorative concrete floor.

Decorative Concrete is Durable and Easy to Clean

dry mop decorative concreteUnlike hardwood or real stone floors, concrete is easy to clean and easy to maintain. There are no worries when it comes to accidentally damaging your concrete floor like there are with other floors. Plus, they’re great indoors or outdoors. They can be dressed up or down with stamping or staining upon installation.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Decorative Concrete

As with any surface, usually floors outside will get dirtier than floors inside. In this guide, we will mostly be examining how to clean your indoor decorative concrete floors. If you have outdoor concrete floors or a patio, you may get a lot of dirt or dust from the wind. The best thing to do with this is to sweep it off. If it won’t come off, you can also use a hose to spray off your patio. Just make sure that there is no standing water left on the concrete when you have finished and let it dry out in the sun.

Indoor Decorative Concrete Dry Mopping

Heading back indoors, the first thing you should do with a concrete floor is try to do a weekly dry mop of all surfaces. This will clear up any dust, dirt, or debris on the concrete and leave your house clean and beautiful. When you do dry mop, make sure that you are using a plush, soft mop which will travel over the floor smoothly picking up dust and particles. You don’t want to scratch your decorative concrete and you don’t need a broom when you can use a dry mop. A broom could eventually scratch your decorative concrete.

Wet Mopping at Times

wet mopping decorative concreteYou also have the option to wet mop when there is serious mud and muck or a spill. When you do mop, make sure that you use a mild cleaner which will not damage your decorative concrete. No harsh chemicals are necessary. Additionally, make sure that there is never any standing water left on the decorative concrete indoors or out. The water can get into the concrete and cause staining, cracking, and other issues. So, take the time to dry your floors completely before moving on to another task.

We hope these few tips helped you out with your decorative concrete floors. If you have any more questions about how to maintain and clean your concrete, give Custom Concrete & Foundation Specialists a call today. We can help answer any questions that you have and get you back to enjoying your decorative concrete. Give us a call today!