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Post and Beam Foundation Problems

Do you have a concrete slab foundation or a post and beam foundation? In many areas, a post and beam foundation is the norm. What is a post and beam foundation? Why is it used in some areas and not usually used in others? What are the pros and cons? What are the major reasons that a post and beam foundation might need repairs? These are all questions you may be asking yourself, and Custom Concrete & Foundation Specialists is here to help you out.

post and beam problemsWhat is a post and beam foundation?

For many homes without a basement, the home is built on a concrete slab that supports the home. In post and beam foundations, the home is held up with a series of posts that have interconnecting beams on top of them. These beams will then support the surface area of the home. The posts will support the beams and keep the home up off the ground. This can be important in many areas where the ground is not entirely stable or it is very moisture rich. Whether or not a post and beam foundation will work for your home should be discussed with your builder. If you’re looking at existing homes, talk with a foundation repair specialist who can tell you if the house you’re looking at is safe and will not need repairs immediately. Custom Concrete & Foundation Specialists can offer you a free estimate for your home.

Causes of Post and Beam Foundation Problems

Post and beam foundations can work out great in many scenarios, but there are a few common causes of post and beam foundation problems that we come across. These are problems that usually happen during the construction phase, and they are usually not the fault of the homeowner. Here are some things that you may encounter that will indicate that there is a problem with your post and beam foundation.

Wet or Damp Crawl Space

This may be one of the easiest things to notice that has gone wrong with a post and beam foundation. When beams begin to lean because of problems with how they were constructed, they can cause water problems in your crawl space. This is because they will let in water through the space created with the leaning and through cracks in the walls that have occurred because of the leaning beams. If you see that your crawl space is damp or wet and you don’t see any other reason around the home (like a downspout too close or poor grading next to the home), this may be a telltale sign of post and beam foundation problems.

Rotting Beams

When water does get into the post and beam system, you are running a high risk of mold and rot. The beams are just wood, and wood rots when it is in constant contact with water, moisture, and mold. Additionally, two big bad things come from posts that are moldy or rotting. The first is that that mold will then enter into your home’s air supply through the crawl space. You and your family breathe up to 50% of the air in the crawl space. This poses big health problems, even up to death, that could affect your family if not taken care of. The next is that when your posts begin to rot, they are not holding up the home anymore. They can’t be trusted to be a safe, stable foundation and you need to get them fixed as soon as you can. Foundation repair is never, ever something to wait on. It will only get worse, and it will cost more money the longer you wait.

Uneven Floors

If you are noticing that the floor in your home is beginning to sag or become uneven (i.e. not level across all surfaces), there may be a post and beam foundation problem. It doesn’t necessarily have to be dramatically uneven, but over time, if left unchecked, it will get that way. If you see this in your home and you have a post and beam foundation, it may well be the cause. If you have another type of foundation, it could be due to bowing walls. However, there’s obviously no bowing walls with a post and beam foundation, so it’s safe to assume that if you have found no other cause for your uneven floors that it may be your foundation.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, it’s time to call Custom Concrete & Foundation Specialists. We can set you up with a free estimate and get started on working on resolving the problem. We are experienced in the area of foundation repair and custom concrete, and we will help you get your home safe, comfortable, and healthy again.