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Sloping or Uneven Floors

Have you noticed lately that your floors are not entirely flat? Things rolling across the floor? Have you ever wondered why, or how you can figure out if you need to get them fixed? What’s really causing the problem? These may be some of the questions you ask yourself when you first notice the problem.

sloping or uneven floorsHow Do You Know You Have Sloping or Uneven Floors?

The first step in addressing the problem is knowing if you really have the issue! A very easy way to understand if you have sloping or uneven floors is to place a pencil on the ground in the area that you are concerned about. If the pencil begins to roll and there is no wind or fans, there is a problem with the flooring. This may mean that there is a dip in the floor or that the entire floor is sloping or uneven. This happens in many homes, and there are many causes. Additionally, if there are hairline cracks in the wall, you may have sloping floors. Don’t panic!

What are the causes of sloping or uneven floors?

The causes of a sloping or uneven floors are varied. One of the reasons has to do with soil. If the soil underneath your home was no properly compacted or it is a shifting soil, there can be settlement with the home. This is not normal settling and it can cause damage like sloping or uneven floors in the home. Hydrostatic pressure can also be a reason behind this. Water will get into the soil causing it to grow denser. The dense soil will push up against the side of the foundation, causing cracks and eventual bowing. This, in turn, will push up on the sub-floor above that, and it won’t be even. This causes one raised piece and the rest to stay the same, which can cause cracking or sloping or uneven floors. Another reason could be a tree too close to the home causing similar issues as hydrostatic pressure.

It’s very likely not the actual floor that it having the problem (sloping or uneven floors), and it is probably due to the foundation and something wrong with that. However, it’s possible that if you have a rotted piece of wood floors or a rotted sub-floor that there may be sloping or uneven pieces in your floor. This can be checked out by a certified professional. Do not try to do this yourself, as replacement of individual pieces of a wood floor can be difficult, and sub-floor repair is dangerous if not done correctly.

How are Sloping or Uneven Floors Corrected?

Some contractors might try to tell you that the floor itself is uneven. They will fix that issue, but a little while later, your floor will be sloping again! What happened? Wasn’t the issue fixed? Unfortunately, that contractor was not being truthful with you and fixing the root of the issue. The root of the issue was most likely a foundation problem as discussed above. Solutions are varied based on what the issue was and what the severity of that issue was.

The most likely solution will be an underpinning product. Usually, you will have some sort of piering system installed under the home. Different types of piers exist for different issues, like helical and push piers. Which one is used will depend on your specific situation.

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