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Decorative Concrete Floors for Fall

As each season changes, many of us want to make changes in our own lives to reflect that. One way to do so is with long-lasting and beautiful decorative concrete floors. Decorative concrete floors are a great alternative to tile, hardwood, and stick on options. It is extremely durable and can be stained in unique designs to match your style. Decorative concrete can also be for indoor or outdoor spaces. In this article, we’ll talk about the features and benefits of decorative concrete.

What is Decorative Concrete? How is it Installed?

decorative concreteDecorative concrete is a product where we pour regular concrete, but transform it into a stylish and beautiful feature of your home through staining, stamping, and textures. Decorative concrete can look like polished marble, hardwood, tile, and many other options. Floors can be stained with acrylics or acids to make unique colors. Additionally, the texture can be changed based on your specific style. Do you want a polished look? A textured one? Etching that looks like hardwood boards? Try something unique and interesting. We can work with you to make it happen!

Decorative concrete is not only beautiful, but it is functional. Concrete is a strong, durable substance that is easy to clean up and very hard to damage. Of course, over time anything can be damaged, but your decorative concrete will hold up far longer than most other flooring options. This goes even for your driveway or patio! Polished concrete is easy to clean and due to the acrylic stains, may not look as dirty as fast as a tile floor would. Plus, it can stand up to water from snow or rain being tracked inside, and hold up heavy furniture without dents, knicks, or broken tiles.

Decorative Concrete Won’t Hurt Your Wallet

Have you ever been shopping for new tile or hardwood and been shocked by the price per square foot? It’s costly to get new flooring! However, with decorative concrete you will be saving money. Concrete is relatively inexpensive option compared to traditional flooring styles. Additionally, you’re saving the cost of transportation, cutting to size, and other costs with a natural stone material. Plus, you know that it will always be available to use–unlike some stone which has long wait times.

Larger areas save even more money per square foot. Each natural stone costs a chunk of change, but with concrete you can get the design over your whole, large surface for one rate. Plus, you can design it however you’d like without relying on the company you’re buying from to have what you need.

Good for Many Applications

Whether you’re looking to add a decorative concrete floor to your entryway for a pop of color that is easy to clean, or you want a patio that you can hose off with no trouble–we’ve got you covered. Decorative concrete can be used indoors and outdoors. It’s important to note that in extreme weather conditions, the concrete will need to be resealed every few years. However, that’s some of the only true maintenance, other than every day clean up, need with outdoor decorative concrete. Turn your home into a work of art with decorative concrete!

The workplace can also be a wonderful space for decorative concrete. While you may not want to go as all out with your staining, stamping, and textures, you can still provide a wonderful and durable floor for your customers and employees. The floor will be easier to clean, beautiful to look at, and sturdy and durable for many years to come. Just one less thing for you to have to worry about at your business!

If you’re interested in decorative concrete for your home or business, give Custom Concrete & Foundation Specialists a call today! We will work with you to find the options that fit your lifestyle, and then we’ll get you set up with your new decorative concrete floor! Give us a call today and get more information to get started!