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Epoxy Injection

Epoxy Injection Services for Crack Repair in Kansas City

Waterproofing your home often consists of a combination of crack repair/epoxy injection, foundation sealant, waterproofing membranes, MiraDRAIN, HLM5000, drain tile systems, french drainage systems, and grading. Each waterproofing job is different and unique based on your specific situation and your specific type of foundation. However, we do find that cracks are one of the most common foundation problems we see. We offer epoxy injection services to prevent cracks from letting water into your home. Epoxy injections are oftentimes part of larger foundation repair and waterproofing jobs that we perform, and crack repair on your Kansas City home should only be done after assessing there is not a deeper foundation issue. 

If you see cracks in your foundation walls, we can provide you with an inspection to determine if epoxy injection is the right solution for you. If you are seeing cracking or shifting there may be more going on in your home and we can do an analysis and find the best solution to fit your needs and your budget.

How Does Epoxy Injection Work?

Epoxy injection is performed from inside your basement or crawl space. We are able to avoid doing any excavation in some cases around the outside of the foundation if there aren’t additional issues present. The injection process uses low pressure to inject an epoxy resin into the crack. To learn more about epoxy injection contact us today.

Custom Concrete & Foundation Specialists are Your Epoxy Injection Experts

If this sounds like what you need for your home, then it’s time to give Custom Concrete & Foundation Specialists a call! We’re happy to answer questions that you may have, and to give you more information about the process of epoxy injection. Keep in mind that epoxy injection is usually part of a larger foundation repair project. Remember to get your foundation checked out before pursuing epoxy injection and no other repair options. 

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