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Is DIY Foundation Repair the Best Option for You?

For many people, the weekend is a time to dream up “do it yourself” projects. Paint the walls, reupholster an old couch, or clean out the gutters. All of these are acceptable DIY adventures. Howver, it’s not a good idea to do DIY foundation repair. Foundation repair needs the attention of a professional, and you shouldn’t try to do it yourself. So what all can go wrong with DIY foundation repair? We’re here to tell you.

post and beam problemsInjury and Accidents

The number one problem with DIY foundation repair is that if you are not trained in foundation repair, serious harm is brought to you and others. Imagine trying to operate a plane without training and learning first. It wouldn’t work and you’d put a lot of people in danger. It’s the same for foundation repair, Repairs made to your home without knowing the proper way to do it, you encounter problems. Egregious mistakes made could cost you the safety of your home and your family. An unstable and unsupported foundation can cause your home to collapse. Do not rely on TV shows and YouTube videos for foundation repair–call the professionals at Custom Concrete & Foundation Specialists!

Lower Costs Now, Higher Costs Down the Line

People are attracted to DIY solutions by the supposedly lower cost. Labor will cost you a little extra, and it’s for good reason. Contractors are trained professionals performing a service for you. DIY foundation repair may save you a few bucks immediately. However, a few months down the line you’ll realize that the problem has only gotten worse. The initial cost of foundation repair has gone up because the problem has gotten worse and harder to fix. Therefore, DIY solutions cost you money that you could use to hire a professional who can easily and affordably get the job done.

post and beam foundation problemsDoes It Really Need Fixed?

DIY weekend warriors may fail to ask themselves this question, but they should. Does the thing that you’re trying to fix really need to be fixed? Are you sure that it needs fixed? What tells you that? When you don’t have a professional estimate done, there’s no telling what will happen. You’re not trained to do so, you may end up doing work that doesn’t need to be done. You could also diagnose the problem wrong and end in disastrous results.

Don’t try to DIY foundation repair. Give a call to Custom Concrete & Foundation Specialists. Customers are set up with a free estimate. We will check out the damage, and you get an idea of what’s wrong. Customers can learn what will need to be done, and how much that will cost. Foundation repair costs more than a DIY weekend project, but it will come with peace of mind that you are actually helping and not hurting your foundation.