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Why Coaljacking/Mudjacking?

Coaljacking is important to the integrity of your home. The material used is City, State and EPA approved.  Concrete that has negative drainage will give you 100% runoff towards your foundation. This can cause bowed foundation walls and cracking, which in return will be exceedingly costly. Coaljacking/Mudjacking is a cheaper alternative to concrete replacement.

Voids under existing concrete will cause the following issues:

  • Water draining towards foundation
  • Foundation Settlement
  • Mice and other creatures create nests in the voids
  • Wet crawl spaces, which can cause mold and attract insects
  • Wet basement

These issues cause a domino effect to your foundation, home and connected concrete. Water also causes major damage to finished concrete and building foundations. Over time, water destroys concrete, causing cracks, failure, foundation problems, structure settlement and much more. It is more cost effective to correct these problems early before they become disastrous and very expensive to repair.

Why is our solution better than our leading competition?

Our flowable mix fills all hidden voids before lifting occurs by using air compressed lifting. This allows us to fill the entire void, which prevents less cracking of the concrete. Most competitors lift the concrete by using a hydraulic pump which doesn’t always completely fill the void and may cause cracking.

Our material is a special flowable engineered  material which creates stronger structure and PSI.  We have several mix designs which include cement, fly ash, synthetic fibers. Which helps us to better regulate thickness for better lifting control. It is lighter than grout and is water repellent which will not erode from underneath slab. Unlike Polyjacking, our system flows and fills all nooks and crannies. When our material solidifies to 1500 psi, neither water nor rodents will penetrate it.

We offer the following coaljacking/mudjacking services:

  • Commercial exterior and interior slabs leveled
  • Slab jacks for load bearing walls
  • Grading on exterior of foundation to create positive drainage
  • Stoops, steps, landings, sidewalks, garages, driveways, interior and exterior

The Coaljacking/Mudjacking Process

  1. A pattern of 1 1/4″ holes are drilled into the concrete.
  2. Coaljacking flowable mix is pumped through the holes, filling all voids present below concrete, therefore creating a long lasting repair.
  3. Pumping continues in settled areas, raising the slabs back to the proper height and matching them with adjacent slabs.
  4. After lifting is complete, holes are patched with concrete cement.