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Piering Systems

Piering Systems for Foundations in Kansas City

  • ECP Steel Push Piers are designed to provide stability and lift the structure back to its original, level height.
  • Steel Push Piers are hydraulically driven into the soil until they reach load bearing strata or bed rock.
  • Due to this process there is minimal landscaping damage.
  • We use steel piers and helical piers that are made in the USA by ECP, a respected leader in the industry.

What Causes Structural Settlement?

  • During a dry period soil will shrink away from the foundation allowing the structure to settle.
  • Drainage failure surrounding the foundation will cause moisture build up or erode the soils from around the foundation. This causes up-heaving or settlement.
  • Tree roots growing into the foundation can cause dehydration of the soil near the foundation which will cause soil shrinkage and settlement. Leaky plumbing can cause soil erosion around the footing due to water build up therefore causing settlement.
  • Structures that are built on poor soil or filled sites with debris will lead to settlement in time.
  • Also when the structure site preparation was not allowed to completely settle or compacted prior to construction, there will be settlement.

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