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Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls in the Kansas City, MO Area

retaining wall kansas city mo There are a number of different types of retaining walls, such as concrete, interlocking, wooden, steel, stone, vinyl, and insulated concrete form. The retaining walls hold back soil or rock from a building in order to prevent erosion, downward sloping movement, or to support a vertical grade. They are also used as a decorative feature in landscaping, to section off a garden, play area, or barbecue pit.

Retaining walls can be used as an interesting feature in your garden, especially if the yard is sloped. In this way, there can be multiple levels. Imagine a patio on one level with a retaining wall below that, and then another level with a garden, and another level at the bottom with a fire pit. Yards with a large hill do not have to be boring with retaining walls. 

Custom Concrete & Foundation Specialsts can help you evaluate your property and find a retaining wall solution for your Kansas City, MO area home or business. Retaining walls serve a purpose, but they can also be beautiful and add value to your property. To learn more or get an estimate, please contact us today.


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