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What to Look for in a Concrete Repair Contractor

All of us want to have a happy, comfortable life in our home and have it hold up for us as long as possible. However, there comes a time in every homeowner’s life when they realize that they can no longer ignore the problems with their home or property that are going on. It’s easy to push off small issues and wait for another day when there’s more time, more money, or the problem seems more pressing than it is now. At some point, you’re going to have to break down and call up a foundation repair contractor or concrete repair contractor to resolve the issues that you’re having. But what do you look for in a foundation repair contractor or a concrete repair contractor? We can help!

foundation repair contractor custom concrete contractorStep 1: Ask for Referrals

Ask your friends and family who they have used! Chances are that they have also needed a foundation repair contractor or a concrete repair contractor at some point during their course of home ownership. They can give you the good, the bad, and the ugly of contractors and show you what you really need to be looking for when you try to find a foundation repair contractor or concrete repair contractor for your home. Make sure to differentiate between what issue they got repair for. If they had a good experience with a foundation repair contractor helping with their bowing walls, but your issue is related to waterproofing, there may be some discrepancy between the two even within the same company. Your friends and family won’t lie to you, and you’ll get the real feel for area contractors.

Step 2: Look Around Online

The next step is to take that advice and run with it. Do your own research. While friends and family are nice and can be very helpful, they may not have had a good experience due to other reasons out of the company’s control. If you find that every other recent review on the company is positive, it may be a one off or because the company has changed management over time since they worked with your friends or family for repair. This is why it’s so important to check online as well as talk to friends and family.

Additionally, when you check online, you can see their website where they will likely list services they provide, their contact information, and general information about foundation repair or concrete repair. They may also have project pictures, videos, and reviews that can help you make your decision.

custom concrete contractor foundation repair contractor Step 3: Get a Quote

Once you’ve made a decision on a short list of the foundation repair contractor or concrete repair contractor that you’re interested in utilizing, it’s time to contact the company. Many times, companies will give a free estimate for the homeowner to diagnose their problem. You can get multiple free estimates from different companies that can help you decide if they all match or if there’s a discrepancy with what one company is saying is wrong and how you can resolve that with them (whether they are truly looking out for you and found something that does need fixed or they’re trying to get you to spend more money on something you don’t need to do). The quote will not only tell you what is really wrong, but it will allow you to compare each of the contractors on your short list.

Step 4: Check Certifications and Don’t let Price Be Your Deciding Factor

By now, you’ve likely narrowed even further, and now you need to make the real decision. First, ask for their certifications. This is very important and they should give it up freely. If they don’t, you know that there is a problem. They should be happy to show you that they are certified and able to perform the job. If everyone is certified, and you’re still not sure who to pick, don’t base it all on price. Consider why the price is so low on one company’s quote. Go from there.

If you’re looking for a foundation repair contractor or concrete repair contractor, Custom Concrete & Foundation Specialists is here to help! Please give us a call today and we can get you set up with a free estimate.